April 4th 2016

Everything is so hectic! I love it though!
This week has been amazing, it seems like every day just gets better and better. It’s so strange how you forget yourself when you are out there working.
I thought it would be hard getting up at 6.30am, but we get up at 6 without any problems at all!
England is great! The hills are so beautiful, and everything is so… old!
I kind of wish I were in a larger city like Manchester or Liverpool, but I love it here and I have learnt so much!
And I love the people here! Everyone is so loving and sweet, and even when people don’t want you to talk to them they are polite and call you “love”! That softens the blow, haha!
I don’t really have much time for myself, but whenever I have some time I read through the Old Testament, which is so much fun!
I suppose it’s the culture and traditions from those times but sometimes I can’t believe what I’m reading! It can get very wild!
I love this place though and I love my mission! I may not have much time to write to everyone I’d like to get in touch with, but I’m happy I am able to serve others!
Sister Elgueta



February 12th, 2016

Hello, so this is my missionary blog. I will update it as often as possible and hopefully upload lots of pictures of beautiful England and Wales!

Stay tuned for more!